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JOVI™ is a global station that values the art, embraces the efforts, and delights in style, fashion and sustainability. A space of awareness that allows you to self- reflect so you can pursue a life of purpose. Handmade in Jaipur the “east-central part of Rajasthan” in India, our designs are driven by our curiosity, creativity and courage.

Upholding the skills and expertise of Indian hand prints, hand work and hand crafts; JOVI, in a word, is power.

Founded and led by Jyoti Narayan
(She studied anatomy, she studied plants, she studied computers, she did IT. She was incomplete. She started JOVI and she is happy again.)

With the added direction ofVinod Deg
(He is the one who made the start-up possible.)

A very cool content team Vishu, Bharat, Arti, Dhanushi

A powerful production team Udita, Jyotika, Anil, Baney, Indrakala, Mamta, Subhash, Suresh

The techies who never fail Shubham, Gaurav, Anil, Pradeep

Hand-in-hand operations team Kiran, Lalita

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For any collaboration, commission, promotion, projects, comments or just Hello – jo@jovifashion.com

For any enquiry about any product information or shopping experience – feedback@jovifashion.com

JOVI™ is inspired by everything which is beautiful around us... Our clothing admires every woman from the contemporary to the modern who walks towards the zone of her ever evolving practice. The bonzer knowledge of our artisans is brought to you to understand our very own cultures and heritages of INDIA. Feel the perfect imperfections of the beautiful "YOU" with our desi-quirky designs. Our very much enthusiastic Creative Head JO and the very amazing techie VI are the founders of JOVI™.

From its workshop located at Jaipur the “east-central part of Rajasthan” in India, JOVI™ is your one stop solution shopping site for varied handmade women's clothing and organic cotton clothing. Our elegant collection has both floral print dresses and block printing designs, to ensure multi-purpose availability for all occasions. In Floral print dresses, we have hand-printed and hand-stitched multiple color dresses like pastels, indigo, abstract. Floral swing dresses, flared maxi dress, and scarves, in other hand we have hand-made and block printing dresses, tops, tunics, shrugs, finest prints, bizarre patterns & outlandish Silhouettes.

We are a genuine manufacturer of hand-crafted apparels. We have our own team for tailoring clothes; they can easily make finest and unique designs of clothes for any occasion. We have complete control on to the affordability as well as quality. We directly deal with consumers of our products, so always give a good durability clothes and custom designs as per your needs.

Our experimental clothing line includes all sizes of every design that give you a comfortable feel and perfect fit. We customize and personalize apparels to an individual’s persona. Thus, JOVI™ is your go to brand for all your varied apparels needs. Bestowing the best of the finest prints, bizarre patterns & outlandish Silhouettes, we at JOVI™ hope that your shopping experience turns out amazing with us!

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