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What’s the top print for spring?

Spring! Ah, here comes the king of all seasons. I know you’re very much aware of why I am saying this. Being located no... continue reading

Your Lucky Colour according to your Zodiac sign - Part 2

Hello, my eager-beavers! The wait is over as I am back with a bang with the second part of sun signs and their correspo... continue reading

Your Lucky Colour according to your Zodiac sign- Part 1

Want to know your power colour based on your zodiac sign? Well, dive right into this article and emerge with better aes... continue reading

5 Fashion Investements To Yeild You Great Compliments Over Years

Ladies, get up, about, and hear me out! Trends are like flings-they keep coming and going and change every season.... continue reading


Festivals and celebrations have their own charm and trendy ethnic wear only add to their vivacity.... continue reading

Indian Festivals in 2020 - Covid Wali Rakhi

हां जी! तो अब राखी का त्यौहार भी आ ही गया। जैसे हर स्टेट की स्पेशल डिशेज अलग ही होती है वैसे ही हर जगह का अपना-अपना स्... continue reading

Covid-19 Effects on Rakhi Festival

भारत देश एक त्योहारों का देश है। जनवरी से लेकर दिसम्बर तक त्योहारों की बौछारें हमें पूरे साल भिगोती रहतीं हैं। अगर साल ... continue reading

The Closed Closet

Phew, phew, phew!!! So, dear reincarnates of Venus, how are your Zaris and Zardozis doing? You mustn’t have visited th... continue reading

What is sustainable fashion and Why is it expensive ?

कपड़ों का मक़सद सिर्फ तन ढकना नहीं कपड़ें हमारे व्यक्तित्व का आईना होते है। कपड़े "रोटी कपड़ा और मकान" वाली त्रिमूर्ति में आ... continue reading

A Yogini from Far East

The world has witnessed much deliberation upon the importance of yoga... continue reading

Darzi ki Dastaan

A darzi is a magician in true sense; he is the one who brings out the designs alive... continue reading

Her Highness of Jaipur - A beautiful inspiration

Maharani Gayatri Devi: A politician, philanthropist, polo player and many more... continue reading

Why is slow fashion so expensive?

There are simply plenty of reasons to switch to slow fashion and start shopping sustainably but guess, the only point t... continue reading

What is slow fashion ?

The introduction of the terms like eco fashion, ethical fashion and slow fashion show how fashionistas are getting awar... continue reading

Which fabric is best for block printing ?

Block printing is one of the oldest techniques for printing. The popularity of it can be determined from the fact.... continue reading

What is Mulmul cotton fabric? Why is it used ?

Mulmul is a soft and fine weave of cotton which is also known as muslin. ... continue reading

What does woodblock printing mean?

Woodblock printing is a technique of printing text, images or patterns on paper or fabric.... continue reading

When was printed fabric invented?

The earliest examples of print on fabrics date back to the 4th century B.C. Yes, printing on fabrics such an old proces... continue reading

What is cotton organza ?

Cotton organza is yet another choice of fabric available in the market for ethnic or western wear.... continue reading

Which are Famous Indian Embroidery Styles ?

Embroidery styles are one of the highlights of Indian artistic traditions. The old Indian fashion comprises such a huge... continue reading

What is zardozi embroidery?

Zardozi embroidery is a type of embroidery wherein gold and silver threads are used to make exquisite designs on cloth.... continue reading

Why is hand embroidery expensive than machine embroidery?

Hand embroidery is a work of skill. It’s a slow, detailed and very meticulous work.... continue reading

How is Indigo fabric produced and why does it bleed or fade?

Considered as the king of blues, Indigo has a very rich and intense feel to it. It is extensively used at the industria... continue reading

What is the Process of dyeing Fabric?

Dyeing the fabric means transferring the color on the textile material (yarn or final fabric.) Scholars have found ment... continue reading

What is Ikat Print?

For all those who have been wearing Ikat, dresses must be aware of the fact that how distinct and in demand this fabric... continue reading

A New Definition Of Fashion- SABYASACHI

Sabyasachi...This name is enough to spark a glitter in any girl's eyes. But are you aware of the real story behind the ... continue reading

The Itinerary of Ideal Rajasthan Culture

Visiting Rajasthan is really about to get inspired by its colorful traditions that exactly define a beautiful atmospher... continue reading

Impacts of Indian Hand Block Prints

Hand block print is the most popular and trendy skill used in creating beautiful structures and designs on fabric. Gene... continue reading

A Look into the Indian Ikat Print

With the huge fame and traditional background, the Indian Ikat print is popular around the world. This is a textile art... continue reading

Dabu Print – A Typical Art of Hand Block Printing

Dabu printing is known as a traditional sculpture in hand block printing of Rajasthan. Artisans of Rajasthan make a mud... continue reading

Nikita Manchanda - The Versatile Fashion Blogger & Founder of Pen Twister in JOVI Fashion Outfit

The founder and the editor at Pen Twister, represents impressive and influencing fashion statements that reflect all ge... continue reading

Kolkata – Culture, Trends and Fashion

Kolkata is known for the most influencing culture in India. Visiting the streets of Kolkata shows you an extraordinary ... continue reading

Source of Natural Colorants for Hand Block Prints

Using natural and vegetables colors for dying fabrics and other materials is one of the dates back arts in India. Carry... continue reading

Fashion Boutiques for Women in Goa

Fashion boutique for women in Goa, along with this theme the choice for women clothing is inspired as per the topical a... continue reading

The Wardrobe Classic This Festive Season

On any festival, for a style-conscious woman, it is really perplexing to find a perfect match of the outfit. Despite ha... continue reading

This Diwali lets be little different, little JOVIAN!

The choice is shifting more towards sensible, elegant, comfortable and fuss-free clothes. Catering the choices of all s... continue reading

Cotton is the best fabric for you, why?

Currently, 50% of the fabric produced in the world is cotton. A variety of apparels like shirts, pants, dresses, jacket... continue reading

Why should Foreigners buy Hand Block Printed Clothes of Rajasthan?

There is so much incredible produced or made in India that literally foreigners get confused, what to pick and what to ... continue reading

Complete your Look with Smart and comfortable Cotton Dresses

The only headache is finding the new option of dress every time. Yes, now nobody likes to repeat clothes and at the sam... continue reading

Know about the World Famous Rajasthani Hand Block Prints

Rajasthan is an outstanding state of India with its different shades of culture, art and history folded together. The p... continue reading